Sunday, September 11, 2016

Letter-August 9th, 2016

Hey everyone I know this is a few days late. But the last 2 days I was at a mission leadership meeting and they moved our p-day to Wednesday. Just for this week though. Anyway I hope this email find you all safe and happy. This week was awesome, but wet. It has been raining so much. The streets are starting to flood again, it reminds me when I first arrived in the mission. I guess it means a full year of this weather has come round.
So what happened this week?
Mon: P-day
Tues: Transfer day, We didn't transfer. But the sister in our apartment transferred and so we had to stay with her companion and drop of the other one at the bus station. Then we met other sisters there transferring and help the get to their new areas. It took some time, but thankfully none of our sisters got lost. 
Wed: We spent this day helping a set of sisters find and move into their apartment. They stayed with us last night because their apartment had problems. Then the Assistants came over and we got to help move them into the new house. It was fun to help them, but took up some time. Thankfully we were still able to work in the afternoon and we got to teach the Jacieldo family :) They are doing great. 
Thurs: Normal working day, but sadly no lessons, just lots of finding and lots of rain :) Good thing I love to sing in the rain
Fri: When we taught the Jacieldo family today, they wanted to put a picture of the Cebu temple up in their house. It was so awesome to think that this family is temple bound. But first we need to finish their lessons so hopefully they can have their baptismal interview. 
Sat: Work, work work, we taught some less actives today, it was slower day but still good. 
Sun: Success! It was a awesome Sabbath day. We were able to see 3 less active families come to church as well as our investigators. It's so humbling to see them come and want to listen. The only problem with today was the power was out because of the wind and rain, so it was more feeling the spirit than listening to the words of the speakers. 

Well that was it for this week. I really loved getting to help serve the sisters under our assignment and also see some progression in our area. We are setting goals to improve our training and exchanges for this transfer. 

Until next time,
Sister Miggin

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