Sunday, September 11, 2016

Letter-August 21st, 2016

VICTORY! The Jacildo family got baptized!!!! It was a awesome week!!! I am so excited to share what happened:
Mon: P-day and then I went to a area called Passi to conduct some exchanges. 
Tues: Exchanges with Sister Manilay. The objective of this exchange was to make sure this area is safe for sisters. So it checked out ok. Actually the area is so beautiful. I was a little jealous, the fresh air there was so nice. 
Wed: came back to Lapaz and taught one last lesson to the jacildo family. 
Thus: Normal work day. 
Fri: this day was pretty punted but we carried on. 
Sat: BAPTISM OF THE JACILDO. So today was awesome. They were so excited. They arrived and said that satan tried to stop them from coming. It was raining and they couldn't get a ride, so they started walking to the church. Anyway when they arrived they were so excited. There was a great turn out from the ward. About 30 + members came to the baptism! The spirit was so strong. So Jarod Hernal baptised the 2 kids, Chzarina and John Carlo. Then one of the member of the bishopric, Brother BaleƱa baptized the parents, Melanie and Elias. They all came out with huge smiles. My companion and I shed many tears of joy witnessing their happiness and excitement. After the baptism they shared their testimonies. It was amazing to feel of their sweet spirit and hear see the growth of their testimony. I felt so humbled as a missionary to have been trusted to teach them. It was a spiritually high day, and I was so excited. I know the promise in D&C18:16 is true. We can share in the joy as we teach the gospel to others.
Sun: The Jacildo family got confirmed members of the church. 

Their baptism was the highlight of our week. We were so excited and so happy. Not that we got a baptism, but because we got to see this families desire to come closer to Christ. And We were so happy to have taught them the gospel and watch it change them forever. 

I hope you all had a good week. I love you all, until next time

Sister Miggin 

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