Saturday, July 23, 2016

Letter-June 26th, 2016

Hello everyone, its me again.
I am now in my new area!! I am in the city again. It has been a change to go back to more buildings and cars. I love it though. I am in Lapaz. It was a busy week, but really fun. I love my new companion. Her name is Sister Cañamo. She is from Mindanao, she is just a cute little Filipina. I am her 1st American companion. So we are excited to be together. 
So what happened this week:
Mon:Last p-day in Roxas! It was bittersweet. I was able to finish saying some goodbyes. I will miss that area. 
Tues: Transfers! We got on a bus this morning and drove for 3 almost 4 hours. Finally back in Iloilo city. I met my new companion and we settled into our brand new area. 
Wed: We spent today exploring the area and finding the boundaries. We tried not to get lost. It was a little different because we are both new here so neither of us know anything. Thankfully the members here in the Lapaz ward are amazing! We had people working with us almost every night!! 
Thurs: We spent today finding the 15 names. We figure we need to do what the Bishop wants us to do. I really love the leadership here. It is so awesome how missionary minded the members are here. 
Fri: We had to spend most of this day working with Sister Tobias in a other area. Her companion is not yet here and so we had to work in her area today. 
Sat: FINDING! Finally got to get out there and really start finding. We found 3 new investigators and also contacted 2 former investigator families. So I am really hopeful for this area. 
Sun: Church! I got to introduce myself to the ward. I really enjoyed starting to meet the members and hopefully I can remember some of their names hahaha

Well that was it for this week. Another successful transfer! I am very excited to be in a new area. After 6 months I needed the change. I think the Sister Cañamo and I will be able to get some work done here in Lapaz. 

Love you all!! 

Sister Miggin! 

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