Saturday, July 23, 2016

Letter-July 3rd, 2016

I hope this email finds everyone safe and well. I hope you are all enjoying the holiday weekend. This week was great. We have been so busy, but this week was really rewarding. 
So what happened this week: 
Mon: I had my last interview with President Aquino. He goes home on Wednesday. I really loved working with him and learning from his example and training. I am going to miss them. 
Tues: Today we found some of the leaders houses in our area so they could help us. We also just spent time talking to everyone we could meet. It was a long day, but awesome. 
Wed: We found a new family! The Alimar family. We literally spent the whole day finding and knocking on door. And this was one of the last houses, they just let us right in and were eager to listen and let us share with them. We see some potential in them, I hope that we can see them progress. 
Thurs:We went finding in a different area and also were able to get lots of return appointments. We met this really cute grandpa, he loves speaking in English. He was a former president of a university in Manila. He was so fun to visit with and talk with. 
Fri: Normal working day, we got to visit some of the less actives in this area. We also visited this member with a 96 year old dad and her mom is 86 and anyway the grandma was too cute. She kept telling me how pretty my hair was (just because it's a different color) She kept asking me if I have a sweetheart and then was like, My sweet heart is right over there. Her husband is bed ridden, anyway the 2 of them really made me miss my work for that visit. They are all members and so its so awesome to see a multi-generational member family. 
Sat: We went to a baptism for the Elders in the ward and then had some meetings with our ward mission leader. 
Sun: This day was busy and nothing happened that we planned. We had to take care of some sick sisters that we are over. And it was a little crazy because we found out one of our sisters was in the hospital and her comp had schedule to get her patriarchal blessing so we had to go on exchanges last second. And then we found our 2 other sisters were sick at home, so we spent this day making sure all was well with the sisters, at it all is good now :) 

Well that's about all this week. I am really loving this area. This week we have been blessed with finding quite a few new investigators. So I am so happy to start to see a area progress and just see the potential it has. I am really excited to meet the new mission President, I will meet him later today! I love you all have a great week!!! 

Sister Miggin

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