Saturday, July 23, 2016

Letter-July 17th, 2016

Hello Everyone!
This week was so fun. I got lots to share about so we will get right to it. 

Mon: P-day! We didn't do much. We had lunch at a restaurant that has real American hamburgers! It was awesome. 
Tues:I got to travel on the boats to go to Guimaras! It's the only area that needs a boat to get to. It's just the next island. Anyway I was able to go their to conduct exchanges with one of the Sisters! It was so cool to see the pump boats and see how different they are. It was fun. 
Wed: Exchanges with Sister Tranate. Guimaras is known for it's mangoes. While I was there I had mango's, and mango shake, even mango pizza!!! But our work that day was awesome. I really liked their area. I don't think I will ever get to be assigned there (running out of time for that) But I was really excited to work with her and try to help her in her area. It was a really good exchange and I love Sister Tranate. 
Thurs: Came back to the main island and met up again with my companion. Then we went to zone training. It's nice know because we as STL's don't have to do the training anymore, we can just relax and learn from the Zone leaders! 
Fri: Work in our area, it was nice to be back. We had a fun service project with members in the ward for the"Liahona foundation"
Sat: Splits with Sister Hettiarachchige! So splits are like exchanges but all 4 of us work in our area. Anyway I worked with Sister H this day. She is a super cute sister from Sri Lanka, their family is converts from being Buddhist and now are all active members and she is their first missionary! It was awesome to work with her and learn from her too. We got to teach one of our progressing families the Jacieldo family. We taught them how to have family scriptures and prayer. I am so hopefully for them. 
Sun: We actually had investigators at church! I haven't had that for months and months. It was a miracle. This family that had been taught before by the missionaries, one of their daughter is a member but is a youth. We only met them once and their whole family came to church and talked to the bishop about wanted to be taught and be married!!!! I am so excited to go their this week and teach them and see their progression.

Overall this week was great. We started seeing lots of progress in our area, which is such an answer to our prayers. 

***This week I was able to finish the 4 standard works and "Jesus the Christ"by James E. Talmage. What a wonderful testimony building year it has been as I have studied, pondered and prayed. I have read the Old and new Testament, the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants,Pearl of Great Price, and Jesus is the Christ. I think one of the most useful things that I learned was about the life of Jesus Christ. He truly is our Savoir and Redeemer, I know that not just because I read it, but because I have felt his love in my life everyday. I know for a fact that his atoning sacrifice is real and the only way to true peace, joy and happiness. I am so happy to learn about him and his perfect example. I know that by reading all these scriptures I have gained a better understanding of how to follow his example, and apply his teachings in my life, to help me become a more Christlike person. I know this pattern is one that I will apply throughout my life. I know I am no where near perfect but "the lord doesn't expect immediate perfection, just immediate progression." I know that Jesus is the Christ the son of the living God. I know he was sent here to atone for each of us, and he alone can help us return again. Even when we feel like we don't deserve it. I know his love is real and there for all who will "come unto him." I am so honored to be his representative at this time and in a few months when I have to take this name tag off that his name will be written on my heart forever. I hope to forever be an example of him to others, especially right now as a missionary. I love this gospel, and my Savior. 

Love you all hope you had a good week, 

Sister Miggin

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