Monday, April 18, 2016

Letter- April 3rd, 2016

Hello everyone. Thanks for sharing what you liked about conference. We don't get to watch it until Saturday. We have it a week late. But I am excited to watch and listen and learn. I loved the General Women's Conference. The theme was for sure service. I just got motivated to serve and love the people here even more. I am really lucky to be here in the Philippines. I can't imagine my mission being anywhere else. I just am falling in love with the people here and just everything.

What happened this week.
Mon: p-day
Tues: Full day of work :) we also got to teach a new less active family that we found
Wed: We found 2 new investigators that have HUGE potential. I am so excited to go back and teach them again. One of them used to work at the house next to our apartment and saw me outside running and wanted to talk to me but was scared because she doesn't know English. Well we were street contacting near her house and she came out and was like I know you come in. I was such a exciting thing.
Thus: We went to Iloilo to go to MLC(missionary leadership council) It was so good., We had a reporting on our zone and then we had a big group discussion.
Fri: We had part 2 of MLC but instead of just the zone leaders and the STL's the district leaders joined so that all the leaders were together to get unified before our mission president leaves in a few months. Then after that we had one crazy car ride and one long bus ride to come back to our area.
Sat: JR GOT BAPTIZED! He was so excited to be baptized. He was just smiling the whole time. After he came out of the water he said " oh thank you, finally!" Then he gave a sweet testimony about how he knows his new church is true and how happy he was to be baptized and be clean. He is 72 years old. It was a privilege to teach him and watch his conversion progress and the start of his testimony. It was just a testimony builder to me age doesn't matter. The Lord has those prepared for us. Also the family that I found back in my old area was also baptized. Anrdo and his daughter Adrianna. I was so lucky to get to see it happen. The Lord's tender mercies.
Sun: Women's conference broadcast :)
I hope you all have a good week. That's all for now! Until next week!
Sister Miggin

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