Monday, April 18, 2016

Letter-April 10th, 2016

Hello everyone, lots of love heading your way from yours truly!
I finally got to watch general conference! IT WAS AMAZING! The church is true. I just felt so spiritually uplifted. 
Well this week was great :) 

Mon: We went fishing with bamboo poles and we fished off big rocks. It was lots of fun, but we didn't catch anything (I am still trying to learn patience) 
Tues: was full of less actives because our investigators weren't home. But it was still a good day. 
Wed: We had exchanges. I got to work with Sister Hussein in my area. She is my batch mate. We were with each other in the MTC. So it was so fun to catch up and work with each other. It's crazy how we have changes and to see how we can actually speak the language better now. We only had one lesson, but we street contacted like crazy! It was a great exchange. 
Thurs: Normal day, nothing much happened 
Fri:General conference eve hahaha 
Sat & Sun: Finally got to watch General conference. It was amazing I just loved it. I learned so much. I think my favorite was by President Uchdorf and the rescue talk by Elder Arnold. 
Overall for me I could see 3 things that they kept talking about. 
1. Families: I can see that the church is worried about families. They have every right to be. The world we live in is crazy and there is so much evil right at our finger tips. But I loved the counsel from the different general authorities. I know that if we listen to their council those raising families need not worry. I just love being a missionary and having this knowledge. I hope that we can find a family that we can help bring the gospel to them. 

2. Temples: There were quite a few talks about the blessings of the temples and why its necessary for us. The building of temples is really moving forward fast so that members can start going to the temple and then start doing temple work. Also a few talks that talked about how the priesthood is vital to have. Without the restored priesthood authority we would not be blessed with the temple and we could not be with our families forever (I love how it all ties together)

3. I heard lots of the general authorities offering their love and support to us members and to all of Gods children. They are encouraging us to keeping pressing forward and having faith is Jesus Christ. We all know that trials and challenges are part of this life. I feel like they were just helping us know what to do when times get tough. I know that their counsel is true. I know that though Jesus Christ we can overcome all things that come our way. No it's not going to be easy. But if he hold fast to our faith and try our best to follow his commandments. He will always be there for us. I have felt that so many times in my life. 

I hope you all loved General Conference as much as I did. These are just some of my thoughts. I hope that you all received answers to your prayers though the words of our living prophet and apostles. I know that this Church is true and there is no doubt it my mind. I love being a missionary and sharing this with everyone. 
Have a good week. I love you all. Until next time. 

Sister Miggin

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