Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Letter-March 6th, 2016

Well it's crazy that we are in march now!
So what happened this week?
Mon: p-day 
Tues: We had zone training. It went pretty good I hope. It's weird to be one of the leaders in the zone.Usually we are supposed to give training's, but we ended up having like a big zone testimony meeting. It was awesome. 
Wed: I went on exchanges with Sister Cabasal. She is a sweet new missionary. We had fun finding and had some great experiences. She is a pretty shy sister, but I said ok today your the leader and she did awesome. She wasn't shy at all. I was so proud of her. She also doesn't speak English very well but she is getting better at Hiligaynon. She uses a lot of Tagalog, but I am starting to learn that as well. So it was a day full of language. 
Thurs: We worked in a area with a awesome view and a great beach. It's our farthest area though. Like it is a 15-20 drive out there. But the people were really nice. We mainly teach less active members because there are lots in that area. It's far away from the church. 
Fri: Work work work 
Sat: We had a stake Correlation meeting and President and Sister Aquino attended. So they took us out to lunch after at a really fancy restaurant. It was super nice of them. I can't believe they almost done with their mission. We will be getting a new mission president this summer, just a heads up. 
Sun: It was a pretty normal Sunday. We had a lot of meetings and I was able to introduce myself and share my testimony to the ward. It was a great day. 

This week I think the highlight for me was going on exchanges. We found this investigator that was just outside her house and she let us in. We found out she is only home for these 2 weeks until December. Her husband has passed away and she has a little 3 year old daughter. She works out of the country as a maid. She was able to get time off to come visit her kid. She shared with us about how her baby didn't even recognize her and how hard it sometimes is for her to work outside the country. Well we started the lesson and after the prayer I felt promoted to just bear my testimony on the Savior and his atonement. It really brought the spirit and helped her be spiritually in tune with the lesson. We decided that even though she is not going to be a longtime investigator, probably we will never see her again, because she is going back to her work. We knew we were in the right place at the right time and that she needed our message. Anyway it was a really cool learning experience for both of us on the importance of following the spirit and testifying of Jesus Christ. 

I hope you all have a good week! Until next time 

Sister Miggin 

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