Monday, March 21, 2016

Letter-March 13th, 2016

Hello everyone :) Things are starting to warm up here in the Philippines! And boy it's getting hot. Even the breeze (if there is one) is hot. I carry a little fan called a pamaypay so I don't melt away.
So what happened this week:
Mon; P-day. We went to a hike to this awesome lighthouse with a AMAZING view. It was so relaxing. Then we had 2 Family home evenings that night. One was a big family of 12 kids who now have their own families. It was like a party FHE. The people LOVE games, so it's never boring. 
Tues: We worked today but got punted most the day, so the only lessons we had were less actives. But its was still a good day. We got to meet new people so that was good.
Wed: We went on exchanges. I worked with Sister Paguigan. We worked in her area. We had a great day.We were able to do a little bit of everything. Teaching, finding, less actives. It was a great exchange. 
Thurs: Today we worked in our area by the beach and found a new family that has potential. We have only taught them once so far, but we are really excited to go back and teach them this week. 
Fri: We did a lot of street contacting this day. All I remember is just coming home and sleeping haha. Oh and we deep cleaned our room because I kept getting ridiculous amounts of bits on me. So we got permission to by a new mattress! First time in my mission I have a new mattress. It's just a new foam pad, but its clean :) 
Sat: We taught our investigator JR. He is this really cute old man that lives out in a rice field. He is super prepared for the gospel though.We gave him a date and he accepted! He is so excited to be baptized. He said even though he is this age he has never wants to be baptized until we came and taught him. He comes to church every week. I am really excited to keep watching his testimony grow. 
Sun: Church with no extra meetings :) 

*Funny Story*
So one morning we woke up and my companion was like "sister miggin you were talking in your sleep last night, do you want to know what you said." My first thought was oh no, what! She just started laughing and then told me what happened. She woke up around 1 am and heard me talking and wasn't sure if it was morning or if I was asleep. She realized it was the middle of the night. So she started listening to me. I was teaching a lesson in my sleep! I was committing someone to read the Book of Mormon and pray and testifying to them that it was true. All in Hiligaynon. She said she jumped up to get a camera but by the time she did I had stopped! She was like " it was you were really in a lesson, like your words weren't even slurred like your asleep." I couldn't believe it. No wonder I sometimes wake up tired. I'm working in my sleep :) :) 

Well that's all for this week Palangga ko kamo! 
Sister Miggin

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