Saturday, February 13, 2016

Letter-January 31st, 2016

Maayong aga Kamo!!
I can't believe its p-day again. Here is what happened this week:

Mon: P-day! we went shopping with the Bishops wife and bought fabric and took it to her mother in law and now she is making us super cute dresses. I am super excited. We also had an FHE at the house of the ward mission leader
Tues:It was a normal work day. Also I found my cousin Jacie here in the Philippines. I never believed that they are part pinoy till I met this one less active member. They look super similar! It was crazy. 
Wed: We studied in the morning and then got ready to go to Iloilo. There is one other set of sisters in our zone who is training, so we went with them to this meeting. Most of Wednesday we spent on a bus traveling to the city. We had dinner with President and Sister Aquino. It was super nice of them to invite us. Then we stayed the night in my old apartment, which was great because I got to catch up on my old area. The people are active and great news is that the last 2 baptisms I was able to see. They are getting ready to receive the priesthood are are active, tithe payers!!! YAY! Prayers are real. I was super happy when I heard that. 
Thurs: We had trainer and trainees meeting. It was awesome. I learned so much and got spiritually revamped for the work. It also made me really grateful for the opportunity to train Sister Pancho. 
Fri: Back to work :) 
Sat: I went on exchanges with Sister Batin. We worked in both of our areas, It was a long day, but really good. 
Sun: CHURCH, and I payed the piano as usual. Also I played for them during a musical number. It was where can I turn for peace. So I almost started crying during that song. It brought back memories about my sweet grandma Ream, and I knew she was there with me. We then worked with a YSA in the ward and later that night with the Bishop and his wife! 

This week was great. I hope that you all are doing well. I was reading Jesus is the Christ this week and it was talking about the story of the lost sheep. I think at times in all of our lives we feel like we are the lost sheep. I for sure remember a time where I felt super lost in life. But as I was reading I understood more Jesus's love for each of us. I am super thankful for him and all he did for me. I now consider myself a "found sheep."  I think at some point we will be lost, but whats important I think is once we have been found. To stay close to the shepherd and keep our eyes fixed on him. So we don't get lost again. But I do know that no matter how many times we get lost. He will ALWAYS come find us. I love this church and I know that it's true! 

-Sister Miggin 

This photo is proof that I do wash all my clothes by hand :) 

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