Thursday, January 28, 2016

Letter-January 24th, 2016

This week was great. Honestly the days felt like they lasted forever, but before I knew it, we were at church again and the week was over. It's weird how time works as a missionary. Good news, my companion is better, so we were able to work again.

So what happened this week:
Monday: we went running on the beach and watched the sunrise, it was awesome! Also we had a fun FHE at a house of a member with 8 kids. They performed a talent show for us. It was awesome! 
Tuesday: While we were tracting this big group of cute kids came over and gave me seashells. I was super mad I forgot my camera. But I have the seashells from them :)
Wednesday: I got the stomach flu 
Thursday: ALL BETTER! Also while we were working 2 different people asked me if I was "half-pinoy". I asked them why. They were like but you can speak our language. They refused to believe that I can speak to them after 7 months, with no school. They think that someone if my family had to have taught me before I came. I was like nope I promise I'm American. But my best friend is "pinoy" (go LAURIE) 
Friday: A normal day really
Saturday: I went on exchanges with the STL. We had so many funny little things happen to us thought the day. It was a fun time. 
Sunday: Church! We didn't have investigators at church, but we had 5 Less active members come! 

I was reading in preach my gospel and something really touched me. It says that a successful mission, isn't about the numbers. Its about if you can feel the spirit with you and you do all you can. Regardless of what happens with others. You can know that you have been successful. Opening this area isn't the easiest task. Literally starting from nothing. But I am really blessed because the ward here has been very understanding and helpful. Yesterday the Bishop and his wife worked with us for 3 hours and we went and visited different less active families and they all had people living there who aren't members. So we now have more potential people to teach, who already have a support system in the church if those members come to church too. I hope we can contact some of those families again this week. I feel like even though not a lot a people are progressing right now. We are always talking to new people and finding new potential. I am really excited to do some follow up work this week and try and see how people are progressing. Even though the work can be tiring, its been super rewarding. I love it! 

I hope you all had a good week. I love you! 

Sister Miggin

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