Thursday, January 28, 2016

Letter-January 24th, 2016

This week was great. Honestly the days felt like they lasted forever, but before I knew it, we were at church again and the week was over. It's weird how time works as a missionary. Good news, my companion is better, so we were able to work again.

So what happened this week:
Monday: we went running on the beach and watched the sunrise, it was awesome! Also we had a fun FHE at a house of a member with 8 kids. They performed a talent show for us. It was awesome! 
Tuesday: While we were tracting this big group of cute kids came over and gave me seashells. I was super mad I forgot my camera. But I have the seashells from them :)
Wednesday: I got the stomach flu 
Thursday: ALL BETTER! Also while we were working 2 different people asked me if I was "half-pinoy". I asked them why. They were like but you can speak our language. They refused to believe that I can speak to them after 7 months, with no school. They think that someone if my family had to have taught me before I came. I was like nope I promise I'm American. But my best friend is "pinoy" (go LAURIE) 
Friday: A normal day really
Saturday: I went on exchanges with the STL. We had so many funny little things happen to us thought the day. It was a fun time. 
Sunday: Church! We didn't have investigators at church, but we had 5 Less active members come! 

I was reading in preach my gospel and something really touched me. It says that a successful mission, isn't about the numbers. Its about if you can feel the spirit with you and you do all you can. Regardless of what happens with others. You can know that you have been successful. Opening this area isn't the easiest task. Literally starting from nothing. But I am really blessed because the ward here has been very understanding and helpful. Yesterday the Bishop and his wife worked with us for 3 hours and we went and visited different less active families and they all had people living there who aren't members. So we now have more potential people to teach, who already have a support system in the church if those members come to church too. I hope we can contact some of those families again this week. I feel like even though not a lot a people are progressing right now. We are always talking to new people and finding new potential. I am really excited to do some follow up work this week and try and see how people are progressing. Even though the work can be tiring, its been super rewarding. I love it! 

I hope you all had a good week. I love you! 

Sister Miggin

Letter-January 17th, 2016

This week was good. I had a sick companion. But was still able to work with another sister. So that was good. We are working really hard to get this new area open and finding new investigators to teach. I was reading in preach my gospel during one of my personal studies and I decided that I need to start improving my teaching skills. I have set some new goals in how I can improve. I know that if I prayerfully continue that I can become who Heavenly Father wants me to be.

I got the opportunity to speak in church this week. I somehow lucked out before now. I pray that went ok and people could understand what I was saying.I also am now the ward piano player. And I started teaching the wife of the bishop how to play the piano. I am not perfect, but its fun to play. 

Things are going good here in Roxas and my "greenie" is doing great. It's like she isn't even new which makes it more easy for me. I hope that I can be a good example for her and that we can both learn lots. I hope that everyone is doing well back at home. That's all for this week folks! 

With love, Sister Miggin

Letter-January 10th, 2016

Well we for sure have been walking lots this week. Because we are opening a new area, we are kind of starting from nothing. Its been fun though to be able to just talk to everyone and try and find new people to teach. I am really enjoying this area. The members here are way nice. I also love my new companion, she is a great missionary.
I have been thinking of ways that I can improve and become better. I realized its by the small and simple things. We will not ever be perfect. But we can try our best. The more I strive to develop Christlike attributes the more I can feel the spirit work in my life. I love what one of the men in the Meet the Mormons movie said. " I am no where near perfection, but I am perfect in one thing. I am perfect in trying." I hope to be able to be like that. To always try my best. We have the lords promise after we do all we can do he will make up the rest. We all have lots of weaknesses at least I do. But I know if I do my best to make the strengths the Lord will help me. 
Yesterday we got to watch the Philippines area presidency broadcast. I learned a lot. But the one thing I really loved was their three main goals. 1. Obey 2.covenant 3. establish. As we show out love for the lord by obeying all his commandments we can make covenants with this through baptism and in the temple that will help us establish families strong in the gospel. I loved the pattern. They also talked a lot about goal setting. In our lives we have to set goals and then have the faith to accomplish them. I hope that this year I will be able to reach my goals. I know I cannot do it alone. But if I try my best the Lord will help, we can go anything. 

I love you all and hope you have a good week!

Sister Miggin

Letter-January 3rd, 2016

Hello everyone,
I am now finally in my second area! It's called Roxas. Its so beautiful. My area is the BEACH! Heck ya! My new companion is Sister Pancho. She is from manila and just arrived on Thursday. I love her she is awesome. It is a little weird to be training though. I still feel like a baby in the mission. The ward here is amazing. The people here are honestly so nice. This area isn't as rich as the last one, but the people make up for it. New years was crazy here. We didn't really have time to work, because transfers was that day. But that night around midnight. I woke up by the noise. It was unlike anything I have ever seen. Firework, and firecrackers going off. Kids blowing horns. It seriously sounded like popcorn popping but super super loud. The whole sky was filled with fireworks. It was so cool. 

I am really excited for this new year. I am ready to start a new year and start some new goals. I am going to apply what I have learned in my mission so far. I hope to become a more consecrated missionary. I hope to make every day count. I want to keep working on being a better missionary every day. This transfer wont be easy training a new missionary and being in a new area where neither of us know anything. But I have that Heavenly Father will help us. This is his work and we are just His servants. I love being a missionary. This week was honestly really fun. I have been speaking almost non-stop Hiligaynon. Of course I am no where near fluent. But I can understand lots more and I love it. Its getting so much fun honestly. I am excited to see what this new area has in store, and what the Lords plan is for us. I hope you all had a good new year and everyone is well. 

Love Sister Miggin 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Letter-December 27th, 2015

Hello everyone,
I hope you all had a good Christmas. Talking to my family was so wonderful. I couldn't help but smile the whole time. I loved having that time. This week was good. We had some dinner parties for Christmas eve and Christmas day. They were lots of fun. It has been cool to experience the holidays in a different country. But for sure the highlight was talking to the family. After that we had a baptism! Brother Roy got baptized. He has been my investigator since August. He is one of the nicest people ever. We have also been teaching his family, but they aren't ready yet. He has been active in coming to church for 5 months and the ward was so excited for him to be baptized. I really got to see him change his life. He had word of wisdom problems when I first met him. But watching him quit those and see the blessing that it has brought into his life has been amazing. I was very proud of him and his decision to be baptized. The service was great too. His testimony at the end was my favorite part. To hear what really touched the investigator. It was a good day and a great week. I hope you all had a merry Christmas and have a Happy New year!
-Sister Miggin

Letter-December 20th, 2015

Merry Christmas in advance!!! I hope you are all excited for the holidays to be here. I know I am. This week was for sure different than other. On Monday we sent the day at the mission office for our mission Christmas party. It was awesome! I also ate balut for the first time during an eating contest. For those of you who don't know what that is it is a developed duck embryo that is boiled and then eaten. It was disgusting, especially when there was feathers and a beak on the inside! Anyway the party was fun. But my companion was starting to not feel good and was having pain near the end of the party. Well that night we ended up having to take her to the ER. We were in the doctor until Thursday. It was a long week. And I didn't really get to work a lot. So not much to report. Thankfully we are out now. She still is not aloud to really work until next week. So we will probably have a slow week this week. I am very excited for Christmas. We have some dinner appointment and of course I am excited to talk to my family. 

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season. And that you have a very Merry Christmas!!! 

Love, Sister Miggin