Sunday, November 1, 2015

Letter-October 25th, 2015

Hey Ya'll
This week was great. We went on exchanges with the STL's. That's always fun. We also had quarterly interviews with the mission President and his wife. It was a combined interview with my companion so ya very different than before. The high light for this week was for sure our BAPTISM! 
Joshua finally got baptized. Ok story time. Way back Sister Villagomesa and I started teaching this boy. He is 16 years old and just way funny. Well when Sister Scicluna got here he wasn't progressing and we decided to stop focusing on him for a while and just see his desire. Well a month later he came to church. He has family that live by him and are active members. So he does have someone to go with. Well we didn't teach him that week. But then he came another week to church and told us he was ready to have lessons again and then gave us 3 days a week and a time to go visit him. When we went back to teach him, something had changed. He was able to relate scriptures to himself, and understand everything. He told us he want's to go on a mission in 2 years and share the true gospel with others. We were stunned at his growth. We figured out that his relatives were such a good example to him and welcomed him into their family. He then started reading the Book of Mormon and was in 3rd Nephi when we finally started teaching him again. I was so happy to see this change in him. He had this new light in his life. He got baptized on Saturday and it was awesome because lots of young men came to support him. When he bore his testimony he thanked his family for helping him. His experience really showed me the gospel and the book of Mormon in action. I didn't even feel like I had to do a lot or was even part of him conversion process. And I was 100% ok with that. He took his time to make sure that he was ready and now he is a member and him and his cousin go to seminary every week and want to go on missions. I am so proud of Joshua and his decision to join the church. It was a learning experience for me to see really how the gospel can make a change in peoples lives. I am glad that I got the chance to see it. 

That's all for this week. Have a great week. 

-Sister Miggin

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