Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Letter-October 11th, 2015

Well I finally got to watch Conference. Sorry I am a week behind. But it was such a good conference. I didn't actually know that Elder Scott had passed away but now I know and there is 3 really awesome new apostles. So my favorite talks were all of them. Joke lang, I really enjoyed Elder Holland talk. It made us all cry. Its so true about mothers. I sure and grateful for my Mom and all she does for us. I also loved Elder Durrants talk and the "ponderizing" I want to do that. We already kind of do that in this mission. But it's something that I want to keep going for sure. During conference I really noticed that they talked a lot about the Sabbath day and the sacrament. It's such an important part of the plan. I don't think I really realized how important it was until my mission.  I also got out of conference the importance of being able to recognize the Holy Ghost. That's something that I learn more about everyday. I have goals in my life to help me be able to recognize and listen to the spirit and than act on it without hesitation.

This week was good. We have more hours now that I am not training and there is no language study. So we did a lot more walking and talking. We did kind of get punted a lot this week. But that's ok too, some weeks are like that. We did have 3 investigators come to conference which was awesome! There is lot's of progress happening in our area right now. I just pray that we will be able to recognize the will of the Father for our area. I am really glad that I get one more transfer with my companion Sister Scicluna. This is her last one! She has been teaching me a lot and passing on all her wisdom on me. 
Until next week,

Sister Miggin 

Katie titled these last 2 pictures "The levels of tiredness!"

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