Sunday, September 27, 2015

Letter- September 27th, 2015

Well here we are again. This week was great. We were way busy all week. I'm not sure what happened with the time. Probably spent walking hahaha. Just kidding. This week I learned something. No matter how good you are at planning, the Lord is better at changing those plans. It really good though. Even though it wasn't what we expected it was what the Lord wanted.
So last week had a great Family Home Evening at a members house. We invited another investigating family, the Frial family, to come. It was a lot of fun. Bother Elmer (the member) planned out and all we had to do was provide the games. Its so important for us right now to make sure that our progressing investigators get fellow shippers. Anyway that was a lot of fun.
So I had a baptism this week. This girl named Judea. Well this is quite the story. She has been listening to the missionaries for a while now. Her family was inactive. Back with my first companion. We started working with the family too. Trying to reactivate them and teach this girl. Well slowly one by one the Grandma came back to church. Then her aunt and then another aunt. And finally her Grandpa. It took a baptism to get this family reactivated. It has been so cool to watch them slowly start coming back. Well the hardest one was her Lolo (or grandpa.) He was active before they moved and he used to have a calling too. But when they moved here years ago he just stopped coming to church. So we have been trying to fellowship him and work with him to get him to come to church. Because Judea wanted him to be the one to baptize her. Well we talked to the Bishop and he said as long as Brother Victorama came to church and had an interview he could be the one to baptize her. Well he came! We were so happy and he passed the interview! We were seriously so excited. He knew too how important is was to her and said he was ready to come back to church.

Well the baptism comes around and Judea and her Grandma and aunts showed up, but no Lolo. They said he wasn't back from work yet and that we should start with out him. But we knew that he needed to come. That if he didn't get to baptize her he may never come back again. Well as luck would have it the font was still filling up. They were running late. So Bishop told us we had a half hour till it would be time. We told the Elders that we were going to go get this man,and to call us if he showed up. My companion was like I don't care if we have to search the whole town. This man is baptizing his granddaughter. So we took off and got on a trike. We said a prayer on the trike that he would show up and beat us there or that we would be able to find  him. Well we got a call that he had shown up. It was one of those after the trial of your faith moment. I think Heavenly Father wanted to see how far we would go to get this family.

The baptismal service was awesome. One of her aunts gave a talk and got emotional because she was grateful to have the gospel back in their families lives. It was so crazy to think. This 10 year old girl because of her decision to be baptized brought back a whole family. She really had no idea what she did for her family. While Brother Victorama was baptizing her, he got emotional and I look and the whole family was crying. The spirit was so strong. It was such an amazing thing to have seen. To know I have been able to see it happen. It was humbling to see the change in their lives. And to think that I had a small part in it. It was the highlight for sure of the week.
Well that's all for this week. I hope everyone is doing well. Until next time,
-Sister Miggin

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