Sunday, August 9, 2015

Letter-August 9th, 2015

Hey this week was great! (The rain came down and the floods came up!) 
It rained and rained and rained. And then it flooded. We tracked in some areas with water up to my knees which meant my poor little companion was soaked. It was fun though. Quite the adventure. There was even fish swimming in the streets. This week for district meeting we had a pancake breakfast at the Sr. Couples apartment. It was the best. Finally some American food hahaha. 
 We went finding a lot this week.
Its hard to tract when you cant speak much of the language. I defiantly understand more than i can speak #interpretation of tongues. So its good that at least I'm progressing a little bit there. We also had a service project where we helped some of the Elders move to a new apartment. It rained the whole time. So we just played in the rain after. Why not?!
 I had my first baptism!!!! It was so cool. Little Abegail got baptized on Saturday. She is 11 and takes herself to church every week. Her mom didn't make it to the baptism but she came after. Anyway she is so cute and a little shy but she has such a testimony. She also knows some English so I did get to teach her a little in English over the past few weeks.
 What else happened this week. Oh so some guy that was with us on a trike had a baby pet monkey. He had it chained around his waste and sitting on like a fanny pack. I got to pet it and feed it. It was so cool. He was so nice too. 
Anyway this week was really good. We had some fun times and some really good experiences. This week I was really looking for tender mercies in my life. And once you stop to look. You can find so many everyday and really see how the Lord blesses you. 
I love you all!! Until next week. 

Sister Miggin 

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