Sunday, August 9, 2015

Letter- August 2nd, 2015

Hi everyone,
This week it started to rain a lot more. Which I am very grateful for. It cools down a little. The only thing that really sucks is it makes the bucket shower colder. This week we had Zone conference. It was really good. I learned a lot and really felt the spirit. But that night we had dinner at a members house, and the whole next day I was sick. I'm still adjusting to the food. But happy to report that I was better the next day and back to working hard. We are teaching and finding a lot. The language still isn't very good. I don't feel like I'm getting better yet. But I need to keep trying everyday. This week we should have a baptism! I'm so excited. 
This week I was reading a talked called the 4th missionary. It really helped motivate me into become a great missionary and for the right reasons. It was an amazing talk. Not much happened this week just working hard :) 
I love you all and miss you. Until next week!

- Sister Miggin 


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