Thursday, August 27, 2015

Letter- August 24th, 2015

Hey everyone,
This week was a good one. Lots of tracting. We spent a lot of time this week finding new investigators. We walked so much. Good thing I have Ibuprofen :) One of the people we found. It was so awesome. They live right across the church. We taught their whole family more than once this week. They really could be golden. 2 of them came to church for the whole time on Sunday. They all couldn't come because they have a special needs daughter who had the chicken pox. But hopefully this week. I really love them they are awesome. SO KIND. They area always wanting to feed us  and when they do they bring out their nicest china. Its humbling to see them treat us with such respect. I really hope we can keep teaching them. 
Also this week I did my first ever training during district meeting. It was fun to teach again. I missed that from the MTC. And after one of my teachers from the MTC showed up. It was totally random. He and his dad were came back to visit the Philippines and he came to say hi. It was awesome. He gave me some good advice with working with less active members. Which there are a lot. So I was happy to see him. Good ol' Brother Waggoner. 
I also got this week a post card from my family. The sisters thought Yellowstone looked so cool. They were like. We want to go there. I just laughed. Its so nice to live somewhere with so many natural beauties. This place is also really pretty. I can't wait to see more of it. Right now I am in the city, so maybe my next area. Who knows what this place has in store. 
I read the "Our Heritage"book. I love church history. There are some amazing stories. Those early saints of the church had such amazing faith. Its so cool to know that's our background. It really motivated me to keep working hard to build the kingdom here in the Philippines. I only get one mission. So might as well work as hard as I can and Run hard the whole race. 
This week I will be with the Sister Training Leaders or STL's. They live with us. So we will be a 3 some until Thursday when I get my new trainer! I am excited to meet her.
Today we went to our Presidents birthday party. We did Zumba. It was so funny to see all those missionaries doing zumba. I love it. It was awesome. We also had a big BBQ. Obviously a little different foods, but it was good. This Sister who used to serve her mission here came back and visited the mission. Its the same sister who Facebook messaged me when I first got my call and told me so much about my mission and helped me so much in my prep. She came in and came right over to me and was so excited to see me and talk to me. Her and her parents were so nice. It was nice to meet the girl who helped me so much prepare. 
Until next week! I love you all!!

- Sister Miggin 

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