Sunday, July 26, 2015

Letter-May 29th 2015

It's P-DAY!! So yeah Fridays are now p-days in the MTC. It is so fun here. Its also really hard. After I was dropped off and was walking away all the nerves went away. I was filled with such excitement. When they handed me my name badge it became so real. I love being a missionary already. The spirit is so strong here. My companion 's name is Sister Key. She is from Samoa. She is way funny and a lot of fun. I have learned a lot about being a companion. 
So day one when I walked into class the teachers spoke NOTHING but Hiligaynon. It was insane!!!!!!!!!!! I cant even tell you how much of a head ache I got in that first language class. We all had a deer in headlights look. But I have learned SO much. I can now say some basic words and sentences. And we are learning how to pray. Today we practiced praying all day haha. Its hard. But I know that as I come unto Christ and work hard that the spirit of tongues will come.............. with time and HARD WORK!!! I passed out that first night I was so tired.
The second day we did some more orientation and was in class for a long time. then we ate and went to class and class again. Its actually really good. In class as we were practicing the language and I asked the teacher Brother Waggner if this was supposed to be fun. He was so excited for me haha he said "maayo ginn, regalo sang mga hinambalan" so Very good you have the gift of tongues more or less haha. I'm blessed to be here and so glad I'm here. 
Today we went to the temple and one of the sisters from my district, which by the way only has 2 elders!, she is from figi and go her endowments today! It was so fun to go to the temple and be apart of her special day. And now we are emailing! 
I love you all! 
Until next week!!! 

-Sister Miggin :)

p.s. i already used my piano skills! go mommy for making me do piano.

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