Sunday, July 26, 2015

Letter-June 26th, 2015

This week was crazy. The other District in our zone left for the field and the next day 3 more districts arrived in our zone. They are way fun, but i miss the old ones too. I spent a lot of time the doctors office with my companion this week. Last Saturday after the doctor they gave her something that made her really sleepy and I had to sit in the residence all from 10:00am-8:30pm. it was a long boring day. I kept studying and finding things to do. I missed all meals and class. Ya it was not fun. Anyway the devotional this week was Elder Nash! He did an amazing job! I love hearing from general authorities. Which by the way are all here for the mission president training. So we are all locked out of the main building. We probably won't see them but you never know. So story of the week. When we got to the MTC we lived in building 3m. Then once the finished construction we had to move to 17m last p-day. Its way nice and they moved all the sisters in there. Well yesterday all the sisters were called into a meeting to tell us we had to evacuate and move out because there is bats. So we had to move again!!! Now we are living in 5m which is nice. Anyway lots of moving. Also yesterday we got to to Skype TRC. TRC is like visiting teaching. You visit with someone in the church and share a message. All in your language of course. Ok so usually we just meet with people face to face, they are volunteers that come in. So RMS right. Well this week we got to Skype and talk with real people in the Philippines and talk and teach them. IT WAS SO COOL!! I was nervous but our lady was so nice. Its so cool how they can do that now. I should have my travel itinerary by next week so ill let you guys know the plan! Exciting Stuff!!!!!
Love you!

- Sister Miggin

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