Sunday, July 26, 2015

Letter-June 19th, 2015

Wow its crazy to think that I will have been out on month on Wednesday. Things are going well here in the good old MTC. Its hard to see people come and go. I love hosting though. Thanks something fun. We look for things to look forward to. I love devotionals. They are the best thing ever. This week prayer has been a big focus. I love prayer. Its fun to pray in Ilonggo (Hiligaynon) Thanks for all the birthday wishes. The whole lunch room broke out into happy birthday. It was CRAZY. Like the normal song level is like the people in your district awkwardly sing and everyone just kinda looks and goes back to their thing. Like I'm not sure why but honestly the whole place broke out into song. I was a little a little freaked out. But it was really sweet. I love being here. Things are always up and down and up and down but I never stop being happy. I love the spirit and the things I learn. Even though the language isn't easy I know it will hopefully come with time.
So this week we had to me. They were doing a lot of  construction and so the sisters were in 2 of the elders buildings. Well they finally opened up 17m which is SUPER nice and so today we had to pack up everything and move into the new place. So that was a little annoying considering we only have 3 weeks left. But its okay because its a lot nicer. I just hope the showers are better. 
Anyway things are good here. Me and Sister Dutson, a girl in my district started going to the morning work out class. Its a lot of fun. I feel like all i do is eat and go to class so its nice to have extra gym time. This week should be good. We get to Skype TRC. Ok so TRC is like teaching members. Like people come in and volunteer to be taught like a visiting teaching message. Now its of course in your mission language so we are "speaking" Ilonggo. Which they can at least not understand. Well this week we get to Skype do this teaching with people in the Philippines. Like natives, not just RMS haha so its pretty cool! I am excited! Thank you for all your prayers! Keep them coming :) I love you all! 
Happy fathers day!

- Sister Miggin 

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