Sunday, July 26, 2015

Letter-July 3rd, 2015

Hello everyone,
This week was so boring and slow. I think we are a little to excited to go! Some cool things that happened this last week, was because of the mission president conference. We got catered Taco bell, Subway, Papa John, Chicfila and Costavida! It was awesome! No wonder we are all getting fat haha. Actually Sister Dutson and I go to the sisters morning work out class most days. I love that. Its a good habit for the field. 
We had infield orientation this week. It was really cool. It lasted all day. We learning a lot about working with member and how to talk to people. It was easy for me, then i realized i have to learn all of that in Ilonggo. So then i tried not to get stressed. I am so excited to get there and get to work.
We talked again with someone in the Philippines, only this time it was a native 25 year old RM, who was HILARIOUS and wanted to talk to us in English. We only had like 7 minutes to talk to him so we didn't really get to teach him. As we were talking to him he stopped us and was like " sister Miggin how old are you?" I was like umm 20 then he said " how come your not married then!" We busted out laughing, my teacher did a face palm. I didn't really know how to answer other than I wanted to go on a mission. Anyway It was funny. 
I love you guys and miss you! Have a happy forth of July. I'm excited, tomorrow there is a program and we get to watch the fireworks! Whoot woot! Ok talk you in the Philippines! 

-Sister Miggin 

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