Sunday, July 26, 2015

Letter-July 26th, 2015

This week was great. We have been teaching a lot of lessons. Right now we have like 14 investigators that we see often. However only 4 have baptismal dates. I hope that they go through. I just have seen this week such a love develop. I want them all to come unto Christ and just feel the joy it can bring. I really am starting to love the people even though I cant hardly understand what they are saying. I love going out to work. It keeps me from worrying about things and being homesick. I can start to see now how forget yourself and go to work is a real thing.
I notice that I feel the need to hunch over so I'm so as tall. I didn't realize that I was doing this until my back started hurting. So unless I'm riding in a trike or something I need to practice sitting up straight. Also I'm not sure how Elders fit in some of these modes of transportation, because I barely do haha. Its weird being tall. 
So what my one of me awesome MTC teachers told us I didn't believe until I got here. He said he got off the plane and started sweating and didn't stop until he arrived back in Salt Lake, well I'm beginning to believe that its totally true. I never stop being hot and thirsty. But I do carry water with me everywhere. Its actually not too bad. It could be worse. Oh and it rained for like the first time! It was awesome. I was so excited. My companion just laughed at me because I was excited. It was nice to have it cool down a little. 
Everyone has been asking me about the food and its been pretty good. I'll admit though I don't really know about 70% of what I'm eating. Lots of rice. I know I didn't eat rice before, but I can now. The girls I live with are so surprised because they think I'm not a picky eater, and I guess it has gone away haha. 
This week was good. Its cool to start to see the lords hand in all of this. Its only the beginning but you never know what his plan is. I'm grateful to be a missionary. :) Thank you all for the prayers, I feel them everyday and they are needed. 

-Sister Miggin 

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