Sunday, July 26, 2015

Letter-July 10th, 2015

Hello everyone, Its crazy that I am finally here!!
Ok so travel story. Ok so from SLC to LA the flight was good. We were
on this little plane that held 50 and we had 27 missionaries. So most
the flight. It was awesome. Once we got to LAX holy cow was that
airport huge. We luckily found our way around just fine. We had a long
layover but it was great because i got to call home. It was so nice to
talk to everyone. It made me so happy to hear how everyone was doing,
and to hear your voices. So after that we got on this huge plane to go
to Hong Kong. I got to sit by a girl in my district and the row in
front of us had other missionaries so we got to talk with them too. It
was such a long flight. 15 hours on the plane, was crazy. I got a
window seat each plane ride which was AWESOME! The elder in front of
me his name is Elder Kresge he and I played games. Each seat had like
an iPad TV in front you could play games or watch movies. So obviously
all we could do was play games. We made it so we could verse
each other. It was awesome. The air plane food was actually pretty good.
So after that long flight, we went to Hong Kong. It was crazy. We had
a shorter layover and then got on the last plane to go to the
Ok so arrival in the Philippines was as expected. It was raining. We
got off the plane and was in the terminal the humidity hit me like a
wall. It felt like you could eat the air and it was HOT. After
  immigration people from the MTC met us and helped us get out bags,
nothing was lost! And then we exchanged money and that stuff. We went
out side and the humidity was worse. Oh my gosh its awesome though.
We then went to bed because well it was 1:00am. So we woke up and my
hair decided it wanted to poof up and be curly frizzy. We go down
stairs to breakfast and one of the elders was like WOW sister Miggin
what happened to your hair, isn't it supposed to be straight? Then the
other elder was like " no don't listen to him, you look great"
regardless its awesome. Ill try and send photos next week but i don't
know whats going to happen. Anyway we had some orientation and stuff
and now we are emailing you :)
It was a great trip with no problems really. It was a blessing for
sure. I'm so happy to finally be here. We will be in the MTC till
Wednesday, then jump on a plane and get to Iloilo.
While here in the Manila MTC we get to proselyte with the missionaries
in the manila mission. We will teach in English unless the person
knows Ilongoo. So we will see. Well that's where I am at right now. I'm
feeling fine. A little tired. I got a bit dizzy once we arrived but
that's normal for humidity. Now its better. Its so crazy that I am
finally here!!!!!!
I love you guys!
-Sister Miggin

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