Sunday, July 26, 2015

Letter-July 26th, 2015

This week was great. We have been teaching a lot of lessons. Right now we have like 14 investigators that we see often. However only 4 have baptismal dates. I hope that they go through. I just have seen this week such a love develop. I want them all to come unto Christ and just feel the joy it can bring. I really am starting to love the people even though I cant hardly understand what they are saying. I love going out to work. It keeps me from worrying about things and being homesick. I can start to see now how forget yourself and go to work is a real thing.
I notice that I feel the need to hunch over so I'm so as tall. I didn't realize that I was doing this until my back started hurting. So unless I'm riding in a trike or something I need to practice sitting up straight. Also I'm not sure how Elders fit in some of these modes of transportation, because I barely do haha. Its weird being tall. 
So what my one of me awesome MTC teachers told us I didn't believe until I got here. He said he got off the plane and started sweating and didn't stop until he arrived back in Salt Lake, well I'm beginning to believe that its totally true. I never stop being hot and thirsty. But I do carry water with me everywhere. Its actually not too bad. It could be worse. Oh and it rained for like the first time! It was awesome. I was so excited. My companion just laughed at me because I was excited. It was nice to have it cool down a little. 
Everyone has been asking me about the food and its been pretty good. I'll admit though I don't really know about 70% of what I'm eating. Lots of rice. I know I didn't eat rice before, but I can now. The girls I live with are so surprised because they think I'm not a picky eater, and I guess it has gone away haha. 
This week was good. Its cool to start to see the lords hand in all of this. Its only the beginning but you never know what his plan is. I'm grateful to be a missionary. :) Thank you all for the prayers, I feel them everyday and they are needed. 

-Sister Miggin 

Letter-July 19th, 2015

Hello everyone.

The manila MTC was good. Basically what we did was have some classes. The main purpose of our stay was to go to the immigration office and get our visa stuff done, then we went to the Manila temple! It was good. And then we went to the American WW2 memorial. That was really cool. The traffic here is unreal, like its crazy all the time. I'm not sure how people aren't dead. But thankfully all of the drivers were good. We traveled to Iloilo at like 7 am on Tuesday. We arrived at like 10. There was a bunch of Elders and the Mission president that met us. They were all set up with this big welcome sign, it was pretty cool. Its hotter here in Iloilo than Manila. I'm glad also that its not a big city. So after that we went to the mission office and had orientation, then we went to bed. I woke up with so many bug bites. The bugs love me. I now spray everyday before i leave and before bed. Also sunscreen. Yes I'm using both religiously 

This week was long. Its hard to be so far away, but I know its where I'm supposed to be. I am so glad to finally be here. Its so hot and the sad part is, its the cold season right now. My best friend is my electric fan. I sleep with it right on me. Otherwise I would probably melt away. My area is Mandurriao, its a city, well a "city" and it also has some pretty poor areas. Our apartment is in a nice area, its apparently one of the nicest ones. My companions name is Sister Villiagomesa. I am her last companion. She is amazing. She was a trainer right after she trained for 2 people, then was STL for like a year. She is awesome. I am so blessed. She is Filipina, actually me and the 2 other girls that came with me are the only white girls in the whole mission, and the only Americans. There are Elders of course, but we are the only sisters right now. 

I stick out here way bad, I feel like a giant. I'm very tall and very white compared to others. People stare at me ALL DAY LONG. I have been whistled at and catcalled, thankfully the things people yell at me are nice things. The little girls love to touch my hair. They all call me barbie, and if my hair is in a braid, Elsa hahaha. I love the people, everyone has been so nice. On Sunday they had me bare my testimony, of course I can barely speak anything, so I wrote it down and read it. Lots of people came up to me and were like " look how good you are for only 5 days", or " you can write in Hililgaynon that's wonderful" The people are funny that's for sure. 

I have not had any culture shock really, yes i have been homesick, but not too bad. I have learned that once I start working and teaching that it goes away. So its true what they say about work being a good medicine. They people here are awesome. I love the kids. Its crazy though to think that people live here. I'm so grateful for America. And for my wonderful house. My apartment is really nice so its a good transition. 

Doing laundry by hand isn't that bad, its ok actually. Bucket showers are actually really nice. They first few seconds suck but I'm so hot and sticky all the time that it feels so nice to cool off. I look forward to them everyday hahaha. I know that's weird but really I'm constantly sweaty and hot and shinny faced. My teacher told me I would get off the plane and start sweating and would stop until I was back in SLC. I think he may be right. 

Please keep prayers coming this week. Its defiantly going to be an adjustment and I thank you for all your love and support. I love you all.

-Sister Miggin


Letter-July 10th, 2015

Hello everyone, Its crazy that I am finally here!!
Ok so travel story. Ok so from SLC to LA the flight was good. We were
on this little plane that held 50 and we had 27 missionaries. So most
the flight. It was awesome. Once we got to LAX holy cow was that
airport huge. We luckily found our way around just fine. We had a long
layover but it was great because i got to call home. It was so nice to
talk to everyone. It made me so happy to hear how everyone was doing,
and to hear your voices. So after that we got on this huge plane to go
to Hong Kong. I got to sit by a girl in my district and the row in
front of us had other missionaries so we got to talk with them too. It
was such a long flight. 15 hours on the plane, was crazy. I got a
window seat each plane ride which was AWESOME! The elder in front of
me his name is Elder Kresge he and I played games. Each seat had like
an iPad TV in front you could play games or watch movies. So obviously
all we could do was play games. We made it so we could verse
each other. It was awesome. The air plane food was actually pretty good.
So after that long flight, we went to Hong Kong. It was crazy. We had
a shorter layover and then got on the last plane to go to the
Ok so arrival in the Philippines was as expected. It was raining. We
got off the plane and was in the terminal the humidity hit me like a
wall. It felt like you could eat the air and it was HOT. After
  immigration people from the MTC met us and helped us get out bags,
nothing was lost! And then we exchanged money and that stuff. We went
out side and the humidity was worse. Oh my gosh its awesome though.
We then went to bed because well it was 1:00am. So we woke up and my
hair decided it wanted to poof up and be curly frizzy. We go down
stairs to breakfast and one of the elders was like WOW sister Miggin
what happened to your hair, isn't it supposed to be straight? Then the
other elder was like " no don't listen to him, you look great"
regardless its awesome. Ill try and send photos next week but i don't
know whats going to happen. Anyway we had some orientation and stuff
and now we are emailing you :)
It was a great trip with no problems really. It was a blessing for
sure. I'm so happy to finally be here. We will be in the MTC till
Wednesday, then jump on a plane and get to Iloilo.
While here in the Manila MTC we get to proselyte with the missionaries
in the manila mission. We will teach in English unless the person
knows Ilongoo. So we will see. Well that's where I am at right now. I'm
feeling fine. A little tired. I got a bit dizzy once we arrived but
that's normal for humidity. Now its better. Its so crazy that I am
finally here!!!!!!
I love you guys!
-Sister Miggin

Letter-July 3rd, 2015

Hello everyone,
This week was so boring and slow. I think we are a little to excited to go! Some cool things that happened this last week, was because of the mission president conference. We got catered Taco bell, Subway, Papa John, Chicfila and Costavida! It was awesome! No wonder we are all getting fat haha. Actually Sister Dutson and I go to the sisters morning work out class most days. I love that. Its a good habit for the field. 
We had infield orientation this week. It was really cool. It lasted all day. We learning a lot about working with member and how to talk to people. It was easy for me, then i realized i have to learn all of that in Ilonggo. So then i tried not to get stressed. I am so excited to get there and get to work.
We talked again with someone in the Philippines, only this time it was a native 25 year old RM, who was HILARIOUS and wanted to talk to us in English. We only had like 7 minutes to talk to him so we didn't really get to teach him. As we were talking to him he stopped us and was like " sister Miggin how old are you?" I was like umm 20 then he said " how come your not married then!" We busted out laughing, my teacher did a face palm. I didn't really know how to answer other than I wanted to go on a mission. Anyway It was funny. 
I love you guys and miss you! Have a happy forth of July. I'm excited, tomorrow there is a program and we get to watch the fireworks! Whoot woot! Ok talk you in the Philippines! 

-Sister Miggin 

Letter-June 26th, 2015

This week was crazy. The other District in our zone left for the field and the next day 3 more districts arrived in our zone. They are way fun, but i miss the old ones too. I spent a lot of time the doctors office with my companion this week. Last Saturday after the doctor they gave her something that made her really sleepy and I had to sit in the residence all from 10:00am-8:30pm. it was a long boring day. I kept studying and finding things to do. I missed all meals and class. Ya it was not fun. Anyway the devotional this week was Elder Nash! He did an amazing job! I love hearing from general authorities. Which by the way are all here for the mission president training. So we are all locked out of the main building. We probably won't see them but you never know. So story of the week. When we got to the MTC we lived in building 3m. Then once the finished construction we had to move to 17m last p-day. Its way nice and they moved all the sisters in there. Well yesterday all the sisters were called into a meeting to tell us we had to evacuate and move out because there is bats. So we had to move again!!! Now we are living in 5m which is nice. Anyway lots of moving. Also yesterday we got to to Skype TRC. TRC is like visiting teaching. You visit with someone in the church and share a message. All in your language of course. Ok so usually we just meet with people face to face, they are volunteers that come in. So RMS right. Well this week we got to Skype and talk with real people in the Philippines and talk and teach them. IT WAS SO COOL!! I was nervous but our lady was so nice. Its so cool how they can do that now. I should have my travel itinerary by next week so ill let you guys know the plan! Exciting Stuff!!!!!
Love you!

- Sister Miggin

Letter-June 19th, 2015

Wow its crazy to think that I will have been out on month on Wednesday. Things are going well here in the good old MTC. Its hard to see people come and go. I love hosting though. Thanks something fun. We look for things to look forward to. I love devotionals. They are the best thing ever. This week prayer has been a big focus. I love prayer. Its fun to pray in Ilonggo (Hiligaynon) Thanks for all the birthday wishes. The whole lunch room broke out into happy birthday. It was CRAZY. Like the normal song level is like the people in your district awkwardly sing and everyone just kinda looks and goes back to their thing. Like I'm not sure why but honestly the whole place broke out into song. I was a little a little freaked out. But it was really sweet. I love being here. Things are always up and down and up and down but I never stop being happy. I love the spirit and the things I learn. Even though the language isn't easy I know it will hopefully come with time.
So this week we had to me. They were doing a lot of  construction and so the sisters were in 2 of the elders buildings. Well they finally opened up 17m which is SUPER nice and so today we had to pack up everything and move into the new place. So that was a little annoying considering we only have 3 weeks left. But its okay because its a lot nicer. I just hope the showers are better. 
Anyway things are good here. Me and Sister Dutson, a girl in my district started going to the morning work out class. Its a lot of fun. I feel like all i do is eat and go to class so its nice to have extra gym time. This week should be good. We get to Skype TRC. Ok so TRC is like teaching members. Like people come in and volunteer to be taught like a visiting teaching message. Now its of course in your mission language so we are "speaking" Ilonggo. Which they can at least not understand. Well this week we get to Skype do this teaching with people in the Philippines. Like natives, not just RMS haha so its pretty cool! I am excited! Thank you for all your prayers! Keep them coming :) I love you all! 
Happy fathers day!

- Sister Miggin 

Letter-June 12th, 2015

Hello everyone!

This week was good. "We teach an investigator" pretty much everyday. It hard in Illonggo. But I cant believe how much I have learned so far. Only here and with this spirit is it possible. I have been working of flashcards and things like that. I also pray a lot in the language. 

We got to host new missionaries this week! It was so much fun! Its a bittersweet thing to watch families drop off missionaries. But it was fun for me to be there for the new arrivals. Its crazy how slow the days feel but its weird to think I have been here almost 3 weeks. I am glad to be here.

This week the general relief society president came and spoke. It was truly wonderful. She and her husband both are amazing people. I am in the choir so its really fun to participate in that. Music brings such a spirit. Today we got to go to the temple again. Its the place to be! I am sad I only have 3 more times ever for a year and a half. 

Thank you for the birthday wishes and the package! I loved it. Thanks for the prayers too, I feel of your love a lot here. 

Love, Sister Miggin 

Letter-June 5th, 2015

Kamusta everyone-
First of all thanks for all the emails. It makes me so happy to hear from everyone. This week was so great. So on Saturday we had to teach an "investigator" a lesson in nothing but Ilonggo. Its way hard. We had to teach him pretty much everyday. That is a big stress because we have no idea how to say anything and we weren't aloud notes. Sunday was wonderful. The devotional was JANCIE KAPP PERRY! She was a great speaker and her and her husband were too cute. It was way cool to sing her songs for her too. The spirit was so strong. 
On Tuesday we had Elder Christofferson come speak to us. He talked on questions in the mission field. He is an amazing man. It's always cool to be in the presence on a general authority. 
So as far as the language goes its so hard. Like I didn't think my brain would hurt this bad. But because I am working hard, I know the lord is blessing with the skills to remember things. I now can pray and bear my testimony. My goal is to learn 50 new words a day. So far i have been doing pretty good. I love the spirit that is here and how the lord blesses his missionaries. I feel the savior bless me everyday all day long. 
Thank you for all your love and prayers. I love you all and miss you a lot. 

- Sister Miggin 

Letter-May 29th 2015

It's P-DAY!! So yeah Fridays are now p-days in the MTC. It is so fun here. Its also really hard. After I was dropped off and was walking away all the nerves went away. I was filled with such excitement. When they handed me my name badge it became so real. I love being a missionary already. The spirit is so strong here. My companion 's name is Sister Key. She is from Samoa. She is way funny and a lot of fun. I have learned a lot about being a companion. 
So day one when I walked into class the teachers spoke NOTHING but Hiligaynon. It was insane!!!!!!!!!!! I cant even tell you how much of a head ache I got in that first language class. We all had a deer in headlights look. But I have learned SO much. I can now say some basic words and sentences. And we are learning how to pray. Today we practiced praying all day haha. Its hard. But I know that as I come unto Christ and work hard that the spirit of tongues will come.............. with time and HARD WORK!!! I passed out that first night I was so tired.
The second day we did some more orientation and was in class for a long time. then we ate and went to class and class again. Its actually really good. In class as we were practicing the language and I asked the teacher Brother Waggner if this was supposed to be fun. He was so excited for me haha he said "maayo ginn, regalo sang mga hinambalan" so Very good you have the gift of tongues more or less haha. I'm blessed to be here and so glad I'm here. 
Today we went to the temple and one of the sisters from my district, which by the way only has 2 elders!, she is from figi and go her endowments today! It was so fun to go to the temple and be apart of her special day. And now we are emailing! 
I love you all! 
Until next week!!! 

-Sister Miggin :)

p.s. i already used my piano skills! go mommy for making me do piano.

See ya in 18 months!

Katie reported to the Provo, UT MTC on May 27th, 2015. We love you Katie Bear, see you in 18 months!

Mission Farewell

Katie gave a beautiful farewell talk in her home ward, Hyde Park 1st Ward on May 24th, 2015. Many of her family and friends wished her well at a luncheon afterward.